Political Parties

Logo Party Name Abbreviation Website
Example Party Example Party EP exampleparty.co.za
Azanian People's Organisation Azanian People's Organisation AZAPO http://azapo.org.za/
Economic Emancipation Forum Economic Emancipation Forum EEF http://ecoforum.org.za/
International Revelation Congress International Revelation Congress IRC http://ircsa.org.za/
Pan Africanist Congress of Azania Pan Africanist Congress of Azania PAC http://pac.org.za/
Patriotic Alliance Patriotic Alliance PA http://paparty.org.za/
United Democratic Movement United Democratic Movement UDM http://udm.org.za/
Women Forward Women Forward WF http://wf.org.za/
African Democratic Change African Democratic Change ADEC http://www.adec.org.za/
Al Jama-ah Al Jama-ah AL JAMA-AH http://www.aljama.co.za/
Christian Political Movement Christian Political Movement CPM http://www.cpmsa.org.za/
Economic Freedom Fighters Economic Freedom Fighters EFF http://www.effonline.org/Home
Inkatha Freedom Party Inkatha Freedom Party IFP http://www.ifp.org.za/
National Freedom Party National Freedom Party NFP http://www.nfp.org.za/
National Peoples Ambassadors National Peoples Ambassadors NPA http://www.npaamanxusa.org.za/
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