Political Parties

Logo Party Name Abbreviation Website
African National Congress African National Congress ANC https://www.anc1912.org.za/
African Transformation Movement African Transformation Movement ATM https://www.atmovement.org/
Democratic Alliance Democratic Alliance DA https://www.da.org.za/
Good Good GOOD https://www.forgood.org.za/
Forum 4 Service Delivery Forum 4 Service Delivery F4SD https://www.forum4sd.org.za/
Front Nasionaal/Front National Front Nasionaal/Front National FN https://www.frontnasionaalsa.co.za/
Land Party Land Party LAND https://www.landparty.org.za/
Vryheidsfront Plus Vryheidsfront Plus VF+ https://www.vfplus.org.za/
The Testing Party The Testing Party TTP www.ttp.org.za