Political Parties

Logo Party Name Abbreviation Website
Minority Front Minority Front MF https://minorityfront.com/
Democratic Liberal Congress Democratic Liberal Congress DLC https://dlc.org.za/
Compatriots of South Africa Compatriots of South Africa CSA https://compatriotsofsouthafrica.com/
Capitalist Party of South Africa Capitalist Party of South Africa ZACP https://capitalist.org.za/
Afrikan Alliance of Social Democrats Afrikan Alliance of Social Democrats AASD https://afrikanallianceofsocialdemocrats.org/
African Content Movement African Content Movement ACM https://acmovement.org.za/
African People's Convention African People's Convention APC http://www.theapc.org.za/
Power of Africans Unity Power of Africans Unity PAU http://www.powerofafricansunity.org.za/cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi
National People's Front National People's Front NPP http://www.npp.za.net/
National Peoples Ambassadors National Peoples Ambassadors NPA http://www.npaamanxusa.org.za/
National Freedom Party National Freedom Party NFP http://www.nfp.org.za/
Inkatha Freedom Party Inkatha Freedom Party IFP http://www.ifp.org.za/
Economic Freedom Fighters Economic Freedom Fighters EFF http://www.effonline.org/Home
Christian Political Movement Christian Political Movement CPM http://www.cpmsa.org.za/
Al Jama-ah Al Jama-ah AL JAMA-AH http://www.aljama.co.za/