Political Parties

African Christian Democratic Party
  • Political party: African Christian Democratic Party
  • Abbreviation: ACDP
  • URL: https://www.acdp.org.za/
African Content Movement
  • Political party: African Content Movement
  • Abbreviation: ACM
  • URL: https://acmovement.org.za/
African Covenant
  • Political party: African Covenant
  • Abbreviation: ACO
  • URL: https://www.acoparty.co.za/
African Democratic Change
  • Political party: African Democratic Change
  • Abbreviation: ADEC
  • URL: http://www.adec.org.za/
African National Congress
  • Political party: African National Congress
  • Abbreviation: ANC
  • URL: https://www.anc1912.org.za/
African People's Convention
  • Political party: African People's Convention
  • Abbreviation: APC
  • URL: http://www.theapc.org.za/
African Transformation Movement
  • Political party: African Transformation Movement
  • Abbreviation: ATM
  • URL: https://www.atmovement.org/
Afrikan Alliance of Social Democrats
  • Political party: Afrikan Alliance of Social Democrats
  • Abbreviation: AASD
  • URL: https://afrikanallianceofsocialdemocrats.org/
Agang South Africa
  • Political party: Agang South Africa
  • Abbreviation: AGANG SA
  • URL: https://www.agangsa.org.za/
Al Jama-ah
  • Political party: Al Jama-ah
  • Abbreviation: AL JAMA-AH
  • URL: http://www.aljama.co.za/
Azanian People's Organisation
  • Political party: Azanian People's Organisation
  • Abbreviation: AZAPO
  • URL: http://azapo.org.za/
Christian Political Movement
  • Political party: Christian Political Movement
  • Abbreviation: CPM
  • URL: http://www.cpmsa.org.za/
Capitalist Party of South Africa
  • Political party: Capitalist Party of South Africa
  • Abbreviation: ZACP
  • URL: https://capitalist.org.za/
Compatriots of South Africa
  • Political party: Compatriots of South Africa
  • Abbreviation: CSA
  • URL: https://compatriotsofsouthafrica.com/
Congress of the People
  • Political party: Congress of the People
  • Abbreviation: COPE
  • URL: https://saconstitution.co.za/
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